Do you like real-time? Strategy Online PVP battles Allah Clash Royale. Do you like awkwardly shaped animals playing football AKA soccer for the Statesman? Well, let’s get ready to rumble. Whoa, Stars Rumble stars is a strategic soccer battler created by the developers of Badlands brawl. For the sake of my mile-a-minute brain.

I’m going to ramble like a deranged YouTuber that Rambles ramble Stars Rumble stars is available on Android and iOS devices. If you think that my intro explained what to expect in its gameplay, then you are correct. It’s basically Clash Royale with a soccer theme. Okay, maybe that’s a bit cynical Rumble stars does a decent job of creating something fun and an okay job of creating something interesting.

PVP battles

You play against other real-life players, each with a lion as a goalie. Oh, I get it. The lion is the king of the jungle. It’s a play on The Clash King. Then you fling out various animals to try to make a goal the first to three wins, then unlock more characters level them up play more matches and well keep doing that as impressive as the sport’s premise.

Maybe there isn’t anything spectacular here. I will say I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of strategy presented in its animals every creature. Animated object has a purpose some may be used for attacks others as defense or even as an assist character use a magnet to remove opposing animals. Destruction or a Sniper Wolf for a blitz and kick experimenting with new creatures and creating your own playstyle is where this game shines again.



It’s where most of these games shine such an excellent job for doing what’s been done before? Now I know I sound cynical, and I don’t mean to poop on this game. I am just pointing out the obvious here. It’s an example of devs mirroring what’s popular and then twisting it into something perceived as now it’s fun for sure don’t scratch your head when you get a lingering sense of deja vu now onto the cute Kung Fu Panda graphics, They complement the game very well.

These Graphics help the game stand apart from the other games. It tries to emulate bright, colorful scenery and cute bobblehead characters. The incredible physics are another plus animals bounce around the field with a dancing Grace fluffy furries feel light heavy metals feel well heavy overall.


The graphics are a fantastic addition. I guess it’s time to talk about the inevitable monetization. A monetization. That’s all too familiar. It’s the same battle Brawler PVP type loot boxes were used to oh, sorry, I mean loot soccer balls basically way to unlock or use Jim’s these balls release more characters more coins and maybe some gems then upgrade animals wait for more opens and that’s about it.

Again the game mimics others within the genre complete with excruciating Lee long wait times, making this section another case of oh you look familiar. Let’s see. What more can I say about a game that we’ve seen before yet? Somehow have not seen before not much. So let’s see if this game is worthy of your tapping fingers as much as a copy clone this. Maybe I would say why not give it a play, sure.


It’s nothing incredibly new or fresh yet. This sports ball battler does have some redeeming qualities. The Strategic battles are fun and rewarding. The graphics do an excellent job of pleasing my eyeballs, and the monetization is as bad as what came before it Rumble Stars doesn’t break new ground. It just slams a shovel trying to do.

So if clashing Kings isn’t your idea of fun yet? Kingsley goalies are, then why not give it a try. If you’re tired of this genre tired of what it stands for, then you might want to sit the bench on this one. Thanks for watching it. Tiny little games, please subscribe to support my channel like four more Rambles.

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