Best Android Games – 2019 Reviews

Call of Duty mobile

Let’s get started with the first game Call of Duty mobile. This was a highly anticipated free to play first-person shooter games published by activation but developed by 10 cents. It features console-quality Graphics customizable controls inbuilt voice chat and a reward system. A lot of Gamers were waiting for this title as it loaded with Battle Royale mode just like pudgy the gameplay is more focused on teens than solo playing.


You can also customize your gear and guns and access the famous Cod faces like Captain Price and ghosts. If you want to compare it with Pubg, the Battle Royale mode is where the game lacks behind, and yes, there are microtransactions in the game overall. It’s one of the best FPS games of 2019.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart tour features races in real-world cities that change every two weeks. It has all of your favorite Mario Kart characters, and new carts badges gliders and stuff controls are comfortable as you can steer and drift with one finger.

Also, there’s a new frenzy mode, which gives you lots of one specific item options. In other game modes, like Goomba takedown or versus make a Bowser. Your goal is not first place, but completely different tasks. The wrong side is it has plenty of microtransactions, and there is no PDP yet, but overall, we can say it is simply the best kart game on Android.

Pokemon Masters: 

Well done, Nintendo. Pokemon Masters a new Pokemon Adventure by NA Nintendo Studio. It takes you to an island of position where you fight three on three battles in a Pokémon Masters League. You aim to become champion and meet many popular Pokemon series Trainers for gameplay you form a team with three trainers and play against three opponents just at the Pokémon who has weaknesses to your Pokemon and fire up the big sink in unity movement.


You can also make teams with your real friends for some co-op action. The game is fun. It’s time-consuming in a bit pricey on in-game purchases.

NBA Live Mobile

NBA 2K mobile basketball the latest NBA mobile game with a 2020 roster where you can collect and play with your favorite NBA players build your team complete in real-time PVP; you can use the training mode called drills to master the game. The game has over 400 NBA stars daily missions and better graphics than the previous NBA game.

If you are new to basketball games, you may need to learn a bit about the mechanics to get good at it. The game has Seasons, which reset all your progress when it ends, sometimes forcing you to spend money on the same items all over again, but if you are into basketball, you can’t miss this one — 99 dead Pirates.

Dark Souls

This is an incredible action combat game with pirate enemies to slay as you can guess from the name 99 dead Pirates. Your goal is to defeat all 99 of them in a row from the combat and increasing difficulty. It feels like Dark Souls. Sometimes it has a good atmospheric feel intense fight. A good story to uncover and some monsters to the combat feels smooth and easy early on but gets really hard later on.

Hidden Gem

  • Overall. This game is a Hidden Gem and very enjoyable to play. One punch man road to Hero it’s a free fighting game made with a very popular one punch Man anime series, unlike the anime Saitama, is not overpowered in-game it features. Citing battles with many Hero villains and some machines from the anime.
  • It has Maps based on the original plot where players can move between cities the chibi versions of characters look cute, but we did find a few bad things like big energy recharge times require some heavy grinding Cetera. But if you like the anime, you will enjoy this game.
  • Stomped this game is all about snowboarding and skateboarding at the same time at first. Look, the game feels like Altos Adventure, but it has its beautiful mountain Landscapes Snowy Peaks and lava field volcanoes to complete the levels. You need to chain Combos and are and Stomp The Landing. You can change the characters and enjoy the great music.

Men in Black

The game can be hard sometimes, where you need to do the specific combos to pass the levels to summarize. This game is a fun and eye candy Adventure. Men In Black Global Invasion, it’s a location-based AR game in the Men in Black movies Universe. The plot is that the alien criminals are invading all the planet, and you need to find and capture them.

After capturing them, you can upgrade and evolve the aliens and use them in turn-based battles. Just like Pokemon go, players also have access to MIB weapons, but we cannot find that flashy taser thing level progression is slow in the game and has the same a our problems like other are games. It is worth playing and way better than the last MIB movie.

Simple Rockets


Simple Rockets to it’s a full-on 3D rocket building Simulator the game lets you build Rockets space shuttles satellites Rovers Etc. Whenever you need to explore other planets, you can design custom rocket engines to work with orbital mechanics. The game is very realistic detailed, and well developed, making it very informative to space exploration.

Love. After building something cool. You can also share it with the community browse an upvote other players’ crafts controls may need a little improvement, but overall it’s a fantastic rocket science game literally.

Last Game: 

It’s a tower defense game where you will be tasked with deploying a team of Scouts to prevent the Titans from destroying your vase. The scouts are, of course, the characters he sees in the anime, such as Aaron Annie Mikasa and others.

  • It’s based on the first season of the anime and features some Original Stories, which are not in anime or Manga; all units have their unique attacks. Even the Cannons have ultimates. If you are a series fan, you should check this one out.

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