Gardenscapes – 5 Tips To Pass Any Levels in 2020

Here are some ideas to help you pass levels in Gardenscapes. These are simply general suggestions that must apply to the majority of the levels not simply particular ones. Hopefully, they’ll assist you if you keep finding yourself stuck on tough levels.

Gardenscapes Tips You Can Back Out Of Level

You can revoke levels if you haven’t made any relocations yet. This is really useful since the levels are arbitrarily generated each time. For example, if you open up a level and it’s a really bad loadout where you know that you’ll run out of relocations really soon. You can revoke the level and come back for an ideally better loadout.

If I’m not being extremely impatient often I’ll just keep backing out of a level till I get a loadout that lets me make a bomb or better on the very first move.

You Can Make Moves Into Empty Squares

I know that it’s super counter-intuitive to make moves into empty squares. However it’s true! as long as a square can possibly have something in it you can make a move into it. Sure it doesn’t deal with lilypad levels. If a square is empty since there is a chokepoint further up you can absolutely make a relocation into it.

Do Not Be Afraid To Spend $$$.


The fantastic thing about Gardenscapes is that the in-game currency is truly simple to get. You can get it from passing levels, from the daily lottery game, and for watching ads that are in fact not very intrusive. So don’t be too stingy.

The best thing to invest in, in my opinion, is the extra 5 lives which is way more worth it than 5 additional moves. I like to keep a reserve of about 5,000 coins simply in case, but you do not need to.

That being said please do not waste money on inconsequential things like a redecoration. You’ll simply need to deal with the consequences of your options.

Try To Make Combinations Lower Down On The Map.

If you can, specifically on maps with firefly jars and flower beds. Unless you can absolutely make a bomb or dynamite or barrel up above. It’s constantly much better to make matches down below because there’s always a possibility that you can snowball new matches with the inbound drops.

Consume Your Lives Before Starting A New Day.
Do you know that your lives get refilled when you tap the “start a brand-new day” button? It’s a waste if you had something like 3 lives left when you start a brand-new day.

That’s all for the tips! I hope you found them useful and if you have any more ideas to share Please leave a remark. And as constantly like yourself, and make sure.

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