Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds Official Game Review

Raise Your Gun And Be The Last Survivor!

 Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter game Battle Royale. In this genre, the characters played by players must survive until the end to become champions in the game. 50 players will be confronted on a desert island and must compete or kill each other to survive to be the last. During the game, players will also be able to get weapons, clothing, protectors, and medical equipment.


Garena Free Fire Tips and Tricks

To be able to survive in the game is not too easy, here are some tips on playing Garena Free Fire Apple and Garena AppStore that can be used by those of you who want to play.

  • Bring only essential equipment and weapons.

As in other survival shooter games, in Garena Free Fire, players will have backpacks that can contain equipment and weapons that can be used to store equipment and weapons during battle. The backpack capacity is limited so that players should only carry equipment and weapons that are useful. If your backpack is full of unused or rarely used weapons and equipment, you should throw it away.

If you find weapons whose level is much higher than what you store in your backpack, you should just throw away the old one and keep a better weapon.

  • Don’t stay in the open area for too long

Staying too long in an open area will make you easily ambushed and defeated by the enemy, especially if there are buildings nearby. Players better continue to run or hiding somewhere safe until conditions allow them to ambush or strike back the enemy. You can crouch or lie down if necessary so that the enemy is difficult to see your whereabouts. If you have been seen by enemies you don’t need to hide anymore because it can make it easier for them to defeat you.

  • Save the Ammo that you find

During the battle in Garena Free Fire, you can find a variety of weapons. Weapons that you can find ranging from light to heavy classes. These weapons have ammunition that varies according to type. Well, usually the ammunition for these weapons can be found in various places along with the game. Players who find ammunition should immediately save the ammunition in case they find a suitable weapon.

This is because you will always find new weapons and when you find them, you should have suitable ammunition. Just imagine if you find a better weapon, but unfortunately, you realize that you do not have ammunition for these weapons. It will be a pity. Therefore, if you have enough space, save whatever ammunition you find.

  • Make sure all important equipment is owned

To be able to survive in this game, the players need important equipment, namely weapons, head protection, body armor, and much more. For example, before engaging in a shootout, players should prepare several important types of equipment, such as medical equipment, weapons, head, and body armor. Prepare the equipment needed before starting the match so you can survive until the end. After you prepare everything, then you are ready to fight. If you have not had time to find all the important equipment and face another player, you can choose to escape to avoid shooting.

  • Pay attention to the minimap

Minimap is one of the important features in this game. Minimap is not only useful to tell where you are but also to find where there are threats. Players can see the direction of enemy attacks from minimaps. The red blinking mark on the minimaps tells you where the shot is coming from. If you are attacked by other players, look at the minimap. There you will see a red flicker in whatever direction the shot is coming from, then you can find the enemy, or run away.

  • Pay attention if there is assistance by air

As with other battle royale games, sometimes the player will find an airplane that will drop a crate marked with a flare. You should pay attention if an airplane is coming. Try to follow where the plane goes and when you see a chest dropped, you have to quickly take the chest. The thing to remember is to always be careful during this situation because most likely other players are also targeting the chest.

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Easy enough to understand right? If you follow the basic tips above, you will then need to adjust to your style of play. Good luck!